I know, I know. You’ve got a boss who expects marketing miracles.

You can’t vent to your in-house team because you’re their leader. Or, you’re the boss and the team and there’s no one to talk to but the dog.

Never fear. SusanGSays is here. 

We’ll talk. We’ll figure out what the next, best steps are. And then send you back into battle, armed with knowledge, the voice of experience and the certainty that you haven’t lost your mind.

My Write Hand

For a taste of my personal opinion, check out my blog--My Write Hand. You'll see what I think about a variety of topics, including trading and markets, astrology and personal expression.

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I make words soar

Freedom to select just the right words to say just what you want to say is like driving my convertible down Lake Shore Drive on a sunny day. It makes me happy.

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