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  • Commodities the Bad Guy in "Arbitrage" Movie

    by Susan Gidel | Oct 03, 2012
    Where have we seen this story before? Real life or TV drama? Rich guy makes a bad trade and tries to fix it before anyone finds out. Rich guy cheats on his wife and does something stupid. Money fixes everything. Even so, a good flick that was fun to watch.
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  • The Farm You Can't Sell

    by Susan Gidel | Sep 25, 2012
    Does family heritage provide firm roots or oppressive obligation? Explore the idea with Susan in this piece and on October 3 at the Life Force Arts Center in Chicago, as part of its "Ancestors" art exhibit and programming.
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  • PFGBest Failed Amid Astrological Stress

    by Susan Gidel | Aug 20, 2012
    The sudden demise of PFGBest on July 10, 2012 following an attempted suicide the previous day by its owner, Russ Wasendorf, with revelation about embezzlement of customer funds has the industry, regulators, traders, customers and former employees wondering how and why it all could have happened. As an astrologer, I looked for answers—and found some—in the company, personal and event charts.
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