Marketing isn’t brain surgery. But, it does demand a holistic view of everything that might affect how to find new customers and keep current ones. What will the economy be like over the next 12 months? What are our competitors doing? What do we have that is unique in the marketplace? What is the mood of our target market?

To me, marketing strategy is problem solving at its most interesting and intriguing. And, the solutions are easier to focus on when the goal is framed in a question that begins with the word “how.” 

  • How do we improve traffic to our website?
  • How do we make our brand stronger?
  • How do we get someone to become a lead, not a lurker?
  • How do we help Sales improve conversion?
  • How do we increase our share-of-wallet with current customers?

People Talk

Mark Sachs President, Lind-Waldock, 2002-2011

“Susan Gidel is one of the most talented, insightful, and hard-working people I have ever had the honor of working with. Susan directed and delivered on all of our marketing initiatives, including multiple redesigns of our web site, Lind-Waldock's online advertising campaigns, the firm's educational efforts, our use of social media for purposes of client acquisition and education, and countless other projects which naturally fell to her department. Susan deserve a good deal of credit for the success which Lind-Waldock achieved during her tenure.”

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