You probably have a logo. You might even be a “brand name” in your industry.

But unless your company looks, feels, acts, sounds and behaves consistently across all touch points, in all channels, you’ve got work to do on building and supporting your brand. 

It’s easiest to think of your company’s brand as if it were a human, with its own, individual personality. How the outside world perceives—and defines—your brand is shaped by more than just the logo clothes you wear every day. It’s defined by your entire personality—from the font you choose, to the navigation on your web site, to the words in your brochures, to the way the receptionist answers the phone.

For a traditional approach to branding, I’m happy to recommend and work with branding specialists in my professional network. Or, I’d make a great third-party component to your in-house team and outside agency. 

For a non-traditional approach (or adjunct) to branding, see what an astrological analysis of your company’s natal chart says about your brand personality. All it takes is the date, place and time (as specific as you can get) of incorporation or formal start-up.     

Let SusanGSays help build and support your brand:

  • Astrological analysis
  • Brand discovery 
  • Branding execution
  • Customized styleguide
  • Employee guidelines

People Talk

Guy Swartz President, MadGuy Design and Branding

“Susan 'gets' branding. She successfully led rebranding efforts many times, and knows its importance to a company's short- and long-term success. Susan understands that branding is supported by look and feel, message, tone, PR, web development and advertising. And, she is able to act upon the often-intricate tactics of developing a brand, making sure it syncs with a firm's current business model and is scalable to its aspirations.”

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