Fully Integrated Marketing

Cooking with gas. Running on all cylinders. Three-legged stool. That’s what you get with a diverse, well-rounded, fully integrated marketing effort. 

Even though you can’t measure the metrics to the penny, your business is better off because of the combination of branding, advertising, online marketing and public relations. You might never know exactly the path your new customer took to get to you. Was it your quote in an article they read that sent them to search? Or did that ad or email finally click after getting your newsletter for a while? Maybe a friend shared a link on Facebook. Whatever the path, though, you want to be on it—in a way that is affordable and makes business sense.

Let SusanGSays help develop a fully integrated marketing strategy for your company with:

  • Advertising
    • Online
    • Keywords
    • Print
    • Radio
    • Television
  • Branding
  • Online Marketing
    • Content
    • Lead-generation
    • Mobile
    • Social
  • Public relations

People Talk

Lori Colman Co-CEO and Founding Partner, Colman Brohan Davis

“If fresh thinking, a personal approach, the ultimate in fairness and impeccable timing are of value, you'll thank your lucky stars for the opportunity to work with Susan. She was a CBD client a couple of times during her tenure in the world of futures marketing...an industry that is fast-paced and often quite merciless. Susan advanced the brand and managed a huge workload with a demeanor of calm and confidence. Always a pleasure to worth with.”

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