SusanGSays LLC 

Finding a time to incorporate your company is akin to picking the date and time your baby is born. Each comes to life with the position of the planets at that time and location imprinted on them forever.

So, let me walk you through how I found June 4, 2012 at 3:45 p.m. in Dover, Delaware as the time to bring SusanGSays LLC to life. See the SusanGSays natal chart here.

First, this is a company about communications and marketing—both ruled by the planet Mercury and the sign of Gemini. That was easy—pick a time when the Sun (the company’s identity) is in Gemini, May 21-June 20, 2012.

Second, I want tangible, abundant success. Jupiter (planet of optimism and abundance) is in Taurus (sign of stability and physical comforts) from May 21-June 12. 

Third, I looked at business days from May 21-June 12 when the Moon was in signs that would add value to my company. I checked Moon in Libra (even-keeled emotions, teamwork, artistic) on May 31-June 1; Moon in Gemini (easy communication about emotions, versatility, quick-thinking) on May 21-22; and Moon in Sagittarius (candor, honesty, teaching, publishing) on June 4-5. 

Fourth, I checked my personal transits given that SusanGSays is a one-person company—me! There were two parts to that. First, my progressed Moon in Scorpio (deep passion and emotion) was conjunct my natal Mars in Scorpio (passionate action) from May 29-June 27, so narrowed the Moon choices to four dates—May 31, June 1, June 4 and June 5. Second, I had three shorter-moving transits all exact on June 4: (1) Jupiter square Pluto (big urge for transformation); (2) Sun trine midheaven (personal identity meshing well with public identity) and (3) Mercury trine Mercury (easy communications). 

So, June 4 was the obvious choice as both current planet positions and their transits to my own birth chart were favorable, given my objectives. As a bonus, June 4 also was the day of a full moon and lunar eclipse, thus imprinting extra powerful energy on the day and chart. And—no Mercury retrograde or moon void-of-course!

Now, on to the time and place. I chose Delaware for forming my LLC not only because of its favorable business environment, but more importantly because the state will accept a company filing at an exact time of day—just what an astrologer wants!

With Mercury such an important planet to my company (and, lucky me, it is in its strongest sign of Gemini on June 4), I wanted to find a time when the sign on Dover, Delaware’s eastern horizon (the ascendant) was in a comfortable relationship (trine) to the SusanGSays natal Mercury. That meant looking for times when the signs of Aquarius (inventive) or Libra (balanced) were rising. I started at 8 a.m. and kept picking different times to see the chart on my astrology software until I finally settled on 3:45 p.m., when Libra was rising.  

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