Why SusanGSays

Why SusanGSays instead of the zillion other copywriters and marketing agencies out there? Perhaps the better question is: “Why not?”

Be on the “A” list

At SusanGSays, you’ll deal with the owner and decision-maker directly. Always. I do the work, and I want you to be happy with it. It’s my name on the door. 

Skip some marketing mistakes

Trial and error is an expensive way to get an education. I was in charge of marketing for Lind-Waldock, a leading futures brokerage company in Chicago for 11 years. We tried a lot, made plenty of mistakes and honed in on what worked and what didn’t. I’m happy to share. 

Work with someone who speaks your language

I get that marketing is there to support the business vision, decisions and strategies. If it doesn’t make business sense, we shouldn’t do it.

I’ve spent my entire career in the futures and options industry, so I understand the lingo of trading, the markets—from corn to gold to stock indexes—and the people who trade them.

Save some money

SusanGSays is a small business with low overhead. My time and experience are valuable, but you don’t have to pay for a fancy office, address and furniture. And, I’ll always look at your checkbook as if I were paying the bills out of my own.

Tap into an extensive marketing network

The great thing about working in publishing, advertising and marketing my entire career is that I have an extensive network of professionals to tap into—from Chicago to New York to Toronto to London. If I can’t do what you need to get done, I probably know someone who can. No finder or referral fees involved. Just glad to put the right people together to get the job done right.

People Talk

Lori Colman Co-CEO and Founding Partner, Colman Brohan Davis

“If fresh thinking, a personal approach, the ultimate in fairness and impeccable timing are of value, you'll thank your lucky stars for the opportunity to work with Susan. She was a CBD client a couple of times during her tenure in the world of futures marketing...an industry that is fast-paced and often quite merciless. Susan advanced the brand and managed a huge workload with a demeanor of calm and confidence. Always a pleasure to worth with.”

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