Mark Sachs

Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, R.J. O'Brien
President, Lind-Waldock, 2002-2011

“Susan Gidel is one of the most talented, insightful, and hard-working people I have ever had the honor of working with. For more than 10 years, Susan did an outstanding job of running Lind-Waldock's marketing department, as well as being one of my most valued and trusted advisers to the business. Susan was responsible for leading the re-engineering of Lind-Waldock's marketing efforts as we moved into the digital era of marketing. Susan directed and delivered on all of our marketing initiatives, including multiple redesigns of our web site, Lind-Waldock's on-line advertising campaigns, the firm's educational efforts, our use of social media for purposes of client acquisition and education, and countless other projects which naturally fell to her department. Susan deserves a good deal of credit for the success which Lind-Waldock achieved during her tenure, I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a creative and talented member of staff who delivers.”

Julie Craig

Vice President of Marketing, eSignal, 2007-2012

“I worked with Susan Gidel for many years in her role of Marketing VP for futures brokerages, most notably Lind Waldock. Our firms partnered together to create lead and revenue generation programs for active traders. It was a pleasure to work with Susan -- she is a strong leader and an exceptional people manager. She ran in-house marketing teams and was an active, hands-on participant at all of our creative sessions. Susan created marketing programs that built the well-known Lind Waldock brand, the most-awarded futures brokerage in the business. She is a talented writer and an expert when it comes to the futures industry and communicating that futures trading is accessible to everyone. I would highly recommend her to any firm looking to expand and grow their business.”

Anita Liskey

Managing Director, Corporate Marketing & Communications, CME Group

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“I have worked with Susan on numerous projects over several years. She is an excellent writer/editor/marketer. She has creative ideas and makes significant contributions on all initiatives in which she is a part. She is a strong writer and an expert in financial services, particularly the markets. I would highly recommend her.”

Martin Baumgaertner

Owner, Angle Park, Inc.

“At Lind-Waldock, Susan held sway over the best in-house creative department I've worked with in many years. Their print and web work held up against efforts from major agencies in a very tough marketing space. I was lucky enough to do their TV spots, and always admired how she could maintain tight control over each campaign's message while at the same time giving her creatives (me among them) the latitude to dream big.”

Lori Colman

Co-CEO and Founding Partner, Colman Brohan Davis

“If fresh thinking, a personal approach, the ultimate in fairness and impeccable timing are of value, you'll thank your lucky stars for the opportunity to work with Susan. She was a CBD client a couple of times during her tenure in the world of futures marketing ... an industry that is fast-paced and often quite merciless. Susan advanced the brand and managed a huge workload with a demeanor of calm and confidence. Always a pleasure to work with.”

Thomas Laughran

SVP & Partner; Co-Chair Financial Communications/Investor Relations Practice Group, Fleishman-Hillard

“Susan is a top-flight financial services marketing professional. Susan’s ability to pair her deep futures, commodity and brokerage industry knowledge with her enthusiasm and energy for the business makes every engagement with her fun, exciting and you walk away having learned something new. She is forward thinking and extremely insightful. The best part of Susan’s approach is that she always has the customers’ best interest at the center of everything she does.”

Guy Swartz

President, MadGuy Design and Branding
Creative Director, Lind-Waldock, 2001-2005

“I have had the great fortune to work with Susan Gidel over the past 10 years. Susan hired me many years ago when she was the director of marketing with Lind-Waldock. At the time, she was strategically building a marketing team to lead her company into the golden age of financial online lead and account generation. Through her vast financial industry knowledge and experience, eye for talent, and natural leadership capacity, Susan formed a successful revenue-generating engine. On a more personal side, this team became the most enjoyable work family I’ve experienced in my career. I credit the majority of success of this team and the performance of the company on a marketing level to Susan Gidel.

"When I worked at competing firms, leaders at these companies spoke Susan’s name with great respect and continually demanded that the undertakings of her marketing team be monitored and followed. No easy task as her team was seemingly years ahead in their ideas and actions. In my experience, Susan has always been diligent, street smart, loyal and an out-of-box thinker. She excels best when leading talented people and acting upon new ideas. She is also kind, reflective, funny and deliberate. Any company or group will greatly benefit having Susan at the helm or involved in projects or operations.”

Curt Zuckert

Associate Director, Market Education, CME Group

“Susan has been a thought leader in the futures industry, and I have relied on her to provide superlative education material. Her breadth and depth of knowledge of all aspects of the industry has been very helpful to me in my role as Associate Director or Market Education at CME Group. In addition Susan has always demonstrated an extremely high level of professionalism in all situations.”

Kristina Landgraf

Financial Writer, Social Strategies, Franklin Templeton Investments
Assistant Vice President, Retail Marketing, MF Global, 2011

“Susan is a consummate professional with an impressive knowledge of every aspect of what it takes to create and execute a successful marketing plan in any medium, from print to broadcast to social media. Her knowledge of the financial markets and the futures industry is equally impressive. As a manager, she excels at uncovering innovative solutions to difficult challenges, and is always calm under pressure. She also possesses an intuitive ability to find and nurture talent, and inspires her team to excel--and deliver results.”

Tom Carr

Customer Marketing, CME Group
Advertising Manager, Lind-Waldock, 2006-2011

“Susan is a phenomenal marketing professional with an unparalleled knowledge of the futures and commodities industry. She has a sharp eye for editing and an even sharper wit. She constantly looks to reinvent her work and her approach to a problem, and actively seeks out information to keep her on the bleeding edge of technological advancements within the industry. But her most valuable attribute is her ability to create and nurture teams of talented individuals and guide them toward success. She inspires through her work ethic and motivates with an innate kindness and respect for others that is exceedingly rare in today’s business climate. She is the marketing leader any company seeks to find.”

Barbara Schermer

Founder, AstrologyAlive.com

"Susan Gidel is a dedicated student of astrology, and I applaud her efforts to integrate her genuine enthusiasm for understanding global markets and the practical strategies offered by astrology. In a short two-and-one-half years, she has gone from 'I might want to be an astrologer,' to being one."

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