Oh, the challenges of advertising! How do you get someone to take an action—click here, call there, buy now—with so little space and so little time to do it in?

Actually, that’s the fun of advertising. To try and figure out what will grab someone’s attention and hold it long enough to get your message across. And, honestly, unless we’re talking text ads, it’s more than just the words.

Great advertising takes great concepts and great visuals, too. I’ve collaborated with many designers and production shops over the years, and can put a team together who can create advertising that delivers results. Or, I’m happy to work with your in-house or agency teams.

Let SusanGSays and my network of professionals develop your next:

  • Dedicated email blast
  • Email drip campaign
  • Google AdWords campaign
  • Landing page
  • Online display campaign
  • Promo box
  • Print campaign
  • Subject line
  • Television spot
  • Text ad

People Talk

Martin Baumgaertner Owner, Angle Park, Inc

“At Lind-Waldock, Susan held sway over the best in-house creative department I've worked with in many years. Their print and web work held up against efforts from major agencies in a very tough marketing space. I was lucky enough to do their TV spots, and always admired how she could maintain tight control over each campaign's message while at the same time giving her creatives (me among them) the latitude to dream big.”

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